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Acon REIT’s unique offering focuses on the future investment outlook linked to the optimization of the asset value of the real estate. By integrating our investment knowledge and real estate management experience, Acon REIT’s goal is to create a landmark “Property Portfolio” with excellent investment potential in commercial, industrial or residential opportunities in Cyprus, Europe, Turkey and beyond.

Acon is a transnational investment partner capable of supplying premium properties in Cyprus, Europe and beyond. Acon REIT operates physically with Cyprus-based overseas marketing and sales support networks.

Our Investment Team specializes in the buying, consulting and selling of real estate investments and works closely with investors, sellers and buyers to ensure maximum return on real estate investments while minimizing the level of risk.

Acon often takes a leading edge in new property developments during the planning stages and therefore identifies the leading product to maximize investment opportunities for clients.

Acon’s team and management have a strong track record of providing our clients with reliable advice on all aspects of investment sales and purchases. For a sale, financing or active need for a commercial/residential real estate investment, our experts use not only their own knowledge and experience, but also their market experience and market intelligence to guide you through the entire decision-making process. .

Our investment experts provide clients with comprehensive, customized services and independent advice. Offering selling and buying guidance across all asset classes, our investment experts use market insights to quickly assess an asset’s value, market it effectively and deliver results.

Company Establishment and Residence Permits

In some cases, individuals and organizations that want to invest in real estate may need to establish a company in the relevant countries. In this case, we offer service support to investors through our contracted teams and reliable partner financial institutions.



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