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Our Construction Techniques


Light steel structures

We offer the construction of residences, offices, public buildings, holiday villages and mass housing projects under the umbrella of “light steel structures”.

Whether you need functionality and aesthetic integrity by projecting a single building or a complex of buildings, we provide on-time delivery.


Heavy steel structures

We manufacture heavy steel structures, including factories, hangars, warehouses, gymnasiums and hotel complexes, as well as the professional execution of all units and details, taking into account the unique “special” conditions of each sector. We work with the principle of maximum efficiency to produce economical, fast, safe and robust structures.


Concrete structures

We use classical reinforced concrete, precast systems and/or tunnel formwork system and reinforced concrete construction techniques in rough or fine concrete structures for your residence, villa, office, workplace, school, sports facility or other small, medium and large scale projects.

Our Construction Services

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It includes the ground survey, soil improvement, shoring, bored pile, anchorage, retaining wall, etc., as well as excavation and all infrastructure works to be carried out before the construction.

These processes, each of which requires very good technical knowledge and experience, can be performed as a whole, and we also provide separate services for each process required by the job.

In your construction projects of all sizes, we carry out reinforced concrete carcass, reinforced concrete prefabricated, steel construction construction techniques and rough construction productions together with our teams and solution partners.

With the wide machinery of our solution partners, experienced technical staff and application teams, we ensure that your structures are completed in the shortest time and in the best way.

Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, plaster, screed, insulation, ceramic, marble, paint, door, window, furniture parts, facade and roof and all finishing works, manufacturing and applications in complete or desired work items, which will be carried out in a building whose rough construction has been completed, It is done together with our teams and solution partners.

Instead of working with many subcontractors and contractors, we provide Turnkey Construction services for project investor employers who want to deal with a single company.

This service, which covers all pre-construction works, infrastructure, rough construction and fine construction, is provided by our company and solution partner companies, which are experts in their fields and have rich references, consisting of qualified projects.

Factory Buildings, Complete Production Facilities, Storage and Logistics Buildings; It is manufactured with reinforced concrete, prefabricated, steel construction or mixed construction techniques, each of which requires separate technical knowledge and experience.

With Acon GYO (REIT), you can have these types of structures built partially or on a turnkey basis.

Acon GYO offers a wide range of functional and aesthetic architectural solutions in the building systems sector under the brand name Faccade.

We use application materials production, architectural facade design, fibercement and fibercement board applications, stone block applications, compact laminate, compact laminate applications, glass facade applications, thermal insulation, decorative jacketing and cladding systems.

We do the landscaping of the projects with our team of landscape architects and designers.

Acon GYO (REIT) presents projects to its customers with solutions, including implementation, considering the fact that environmental architecture is an integral part of living spaces.

Real estate projects that are much better planned, more qualified and comprehensive are being produced every day. However, none of these Projects are successful projects by chance. On the contrary, very good planning and organizations are carried out from the beginning to the end of these projects. With this understanding, we provide Real Estate Investment Consultancy services to our Customers and Investment Partners, from the selection of the best place to invest, to the preparation of the best and most efficient use reports and feasibility studies, to the marketing stage.

We provide Real Estate Technical Consultancy services from City Planning Services, to the creation of original projects with the best Architectural and Interior Architecture designs, to the promotion of the project in the best way.

When it comes to the implementation phase, we provide Project Services Consultancy from Architectural and Interior Design Projects to all License Projects, from 3D Visualization to Architectural Model making and Building Inspection Service. We provide Legal and Financial Consultancy Services in order to foresee the problems that may arise in all Legal and Financial matters, to take legal measures in these matters and to protect the Investor.



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